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2018 MAN TGS 35.420 8x4 Tipper

£20,995 + VAT
Ref: MATI2679
Make: MAN
Model: TGS 35.420
Vehicle Type: Tipper
Year & Reg Letter: 2018 / 18-reg

2006 MAN TGL 12.183 Refuse Vehicle

£5,995 + VAT
Ref: MARE2664
Make: MAN
Model: TGL 12.183
Vehicle Type: Refuse
Year & Reg Letter: 2006 / 56-reg

2017 MAN TGS 35.400 Tipper

£20,995 + VAT
Ref: MATI2631
Make: MAN
Model: TGS 35.400
Vehicle Type: Tipper
Year & Reg Letter: 2017 / 17-reg

2015 MAN TGM 18.250 Curtain Sider

£9,995 + VAT
Ref: MACU2414
Make: MAN
Model: TGM 18.50
Vehicle Type: Curtain Side
Year & Reg Letter: 2015 / 15-reg

2010 MAN TGA 35.400 8x4 Grab Tipper

£16,995 + VAT
Ref: MAGR2163
Make: MAN
Model: TGA 35.400
Vehicle Type: Grab Tipper
Year & Reg Letter: 2010 / 60-reg
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