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2014 Scania G250 Platform Vehicle

£26,995 + VAT
Ref: SCPL1823
Make: Scania
Model: G250
Vehicle Type: Platorm
Year & Reg Letter: 2014 / 14-reg

2010 Scania P360 8x4 Tipper

£13,495 + VAT
Ref: SCTI1818
Make: Scania
Model: P360
Vehicle Type: Tipper
Year & Reg Letter: 2010 / 10-reg

2011 Scania P320 6x2 Drop Side Vehicle

£11,495 + VAT
Ref: SCDR1771
Make: Scania
Model: P320
Vehicle Type: Drop Side
Year & Reg Letter: 2011 / 11-reg

2014 Scania P410 6x2 Tractor Unit

£13,995 + VAT
Ref: SCTR1748
Make: Scania
Model: P410
Vehicle Type: Tractor Unit
Year & Reg Letter: 2014 / 64-reg

2015 Scania P370 8x4 Tipper

£39,995 + VAT
Ref: SCTI1643
Make: Scania
Model: P370
Vehicle Type: Tipper
Year & Reg Letter: 2015 / 15-reg
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